Who Are We?

What does Friar Family mean?

Friar Family Step UP! is about creating an inclusive campus community of respect, connection, compassion and active engagement. The ability to genuinely connect with and feel empathy for others is imperative to every society, and to our community. When we collectively practice active caring for one another, we ensure the creation of a safe and supportive living and learning environment for everyone.
The Friar Family is a special network to be a part of. Make the most of your time in Friartown by asking for help when you need it, helping those in need, using available support resources and encouraging your peers to do the same!

The beauty of a small, close-knit community is the power of knowing Friars worldwide will always recognize and support a fellow Friar.
The Friar Family Resource Poster lists important resources available to students.

Active Caring in Friartown means that we:

  • Listen up! Friars learn to cultivate awareness about what is going on inside and around us.
  • Show up! Get involved and get connected with other members in the Friar Family. Friars live proudly, courageously and safely.
  • Stand up! Step forward and take action on behave of ourselves, our peers, and our community.
  • Follow up! Active caring doesn’t end with intervention. Actively caring Friars know about the many resources available and share that information with others.