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These times create new challenges and, perhaps, opportunities for continuing to flourish as human beings. We wish this site to be a source of ideas and inspiration for the PC community who look to stay healthy in body, mind, heart, and spirit. May it also be a reminder that the spirit of Providence College and the Friar Family extends beyond the borders of the physical campus. It has always been so, but at this time especially we look to that spirit to help us stay centered as well as stay in touch with each other and with God. 

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Promoting Resilience

Good News Dashboard from

Your hub for good news, inspiring stories and a much-needed place to smile. Updated daily, so check back in!

The STOP Covid-19 Campaign aims to spread positivity in these unprecedented times. The Campaign was started by Providence College students in their Management 401 Class.

Dear Frontline and Essential Workers, We see your hard work and we appreciate your dedication in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s to you — we thank you for what you have done to keep our communities up and running, and we support your continued efforts! Amidst this difficult time, we’re happy to know that the people going head to head with this disease are finding ways to stay positive!

“Some Good News with John Krasinski” Check out this multiple episode series on YouTube.

Are you looking for uplifting stories that are brought together by a likable guy? Check out SGN (Some Good News) with John Krasinski. These stories are funny, sweet, and inspiring. Currently 5 episodes on YOUTUBE.

  • A psychologist’s science-based tips for emotional resilience during the coronavirus crisis: Jelena Kecmanovic is a founding director of the Arlington/DC Behavior Therapy Institute and an adjunct professor of psychology at Georgetown University. She provides insights from when news began to be grimmer.

Mindfulness can help you navigate the coronavirus panic: Your mindfulness practice can help you mitigate not only the fear and uncertainty of COVID-19, but can even help you quit touching your face all day.

Free online live mindfulness sessions available through The Brown Mindfulness Center: The Brown Mindfulness Center offers online live mindfulness practices of varying length that you are welcome to join online or by phone. People from all over the country and internationally pop into these sessions to take a short break from all the “doing” and to cultivate stability and presence. Learn more.

Advice from Fellow Friars…

Check out these links recommended by Father Shanley:

Susan David: How to be your best self in times of crisis

The Happiness Lab

Articles By Jade Roman ’21

Looking to build up that immune system?

As you know, there are many over the counter products that claim to strengthen your immune system. Although I have nothing against these products, I strongly believe that the key to a healthy immune system is what you eat and how you spend your time. Stress, bad eating, and a sedentary life weaken your immunity, making it harder for your body to fight off illnesses and infections.

A Student Perspective re: What to do in Isolation

Stuck in the House? Yeah, me too. Being stuck in the house does not have to be a boring or sad experience. During middle school and some of my high school years, I spent a lot of time in the house by myself due to my mom’s work schedule…

9/11, the Coronavirus, and Becoming a Better Person

Dr Vance Morgan PH. D, Professor of Philosophy

None of us can control much, especially nowadays, but we can entirely choose how to BE in the middle of even the most challenging circumstances. And maybe that’s the key, at least for me, to becoming a better person.

“Why this time at home may be the best time to break your juuling habit you’ve been putting off”

Insights from sociology major Julia Puzone ’20

Hi my name’s Julia and I’m a senior biology and sociology major here at PC. I hope everyone is making the best out of this situation but just know it’s okay to not feel okay. Let’s lean on each other during this difficult time and have faith that our world will be healed soon. Read More

  • Peer Support for Seniors: Alexa Howell, senior and co-president of Active Minds, has started an online support group for PC seniors adjusting to all the changes during their last semester.  Alexa has been trained in peer support by NAMI and will consult with a PC staff member.  This is not online therapy, but simply a way to support and be supported by fellow seniors at PC. For more information email Alexa at  .  

Spiritual Health

Now available: St. Dominic Ensemble for your listening pleasure

The 10:00pm Mass St. Dominic Ensemble has recordings of some of their best songs here on Soundcloud. If you miss the music from the 10:00pm Mass you can get it at home!

Peer Min Digital!!

We wish we were back in Friartown, but that doesn’t mean Peer Min has to end!! Starting this week, you will meet with your small groups on your normal night and time via Zoom! If you haven’t yet signed up and would like to join you can sign up here.

Virtual Veritas–Miss the Dominicans?

Hear homilies by them on Spotify and Apple Podcasts (search for “Virtual Veritas”)

Physical Health

  • Feed your body, mind, and soul while on the job: Find some great tips for workplace wellness and working from home shared by Morgan Tullar, Assistant Director, Fitness and Wellness
  • Free health and fitness apps that may just be what you are looking for to establish a new routine. 

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